apology video.

I know. I’m a horrible blogger. I have been totally MIA the last few weeks.

for that, I am very sorry.

food [cupcakes!!!] posts are coming soon! promise.

so for now, please enjoy this wonderful tune by the great Allen Stone.

listen to it.

you’ll thank me.





I keep having this nagging feeling that I simply need to hit the reset button on my life. lately, all I’ve wanted is a short break from life and a clean start.

periodically, I have the urge to pause life and just take a breather, but not once have I so desired a fresh start. this is a new thing for me. but I imagine it won’t be the first time.

over the last year, I have strayed miserably from the person I was becoming while in undergrad. I liked that person. I loved her.

but now, I do not like who I am. I hate that I’ve let other materialistic things become more important than God and my family. I hate that I no longer enjoy school. I hate everything about the last year of my life.

so I’m hitting the reset button.

until I get it right.

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my first post.

actually finding it hard to believe that I finally made a blog.

hopefully, this will be a weekly thing. if I remember to post…

who are you? well, the about tab pretty much says it all.

what’s with the blog name? if you know latin, you know what it means. if you don’t know latin, google it.

what about the blog link withyouwhereveryougo? check out Joshua 1:9. it’s my favorite scripture. the little brother wears it in every game he plays, on his wrists tim tebow style.

why do you need an outlet? because I find that I have a lot of ranting to do. both good ranting and bad ranting. and I like to talk. ask my friends.

why should I want to read your ranting? you shouldn’t. but you probably want to pay attention to the recipes. I’ve got some good ones. also, the music will be phenomenal on this blog.

for example:

that’s all I’ve got for today.

until next time,