derek & jade

yesterday, one of my best childhood friends got married. and on sunday, I had the opportunity to do a quick, impromptu bridal/wedding portrait session with him, his bride-to-be, and a giant chevy truck.

mostly because it was going to pour on their actual wedding day, so outside pictures were not really going to happen… it was tons of fun and something I don’t get to do often. my main subject is kam and his baseball team, which is totally different artistically (no creativity required), so this was a treat for me!

_DSC0338 - Version 3

_DSC0334 - Version 2

_DSC0345 - Version 2

_DSC0336 - Version 2

and last but certainly not least, my personal favorite… simply because it’s so them. I’m glad I have a heavy shutter finger (thanks live action photography).


derek and jade, I am so very glad you asked me to do this for you! and I wish both of you more happiness than you can imagine! thanks for letting me be a part of your day!



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