snow day, take 2

so we’ve had another snow day here in south carolina (really an ice day).

that means I took the opportunity to cook and eat all day.

a few days ago, I discovered a buzzfeed list of grilled cheese sandwiches titled “31 Grilled Cheeses That are Better Than a Boyfriend”… of course I immediately shared it with my college roommate who also has a thing for cheese. we’re really just real life liz lemons when it comes to food…

then I read the list and found a glorious photo of a chicken parm grilled cheese.

why didn’t I think of this??

for those of you who don’t know, any form of chicken parm is the greatest thing you’ll ever eat. and this chicken parm variation was just begging to be made!

it did not disappoint. we made two rounds of this today… oops.

chicken parm grilled cheese

chicken parm grilled cheese
adapted from the food freak

cooked, breaded chicken strips (I cheated and used frozen chicken strips, straight from the oven)
french or italian bread, sliced thin
mozzarella cheese, sliced thin
marinara sauce

warm the marinara sauce in the microwave for a bit (to help melt the cheese). while you’re nuking your marinara, butter your bread.

in a frying pan, stack your sandwich. cheese, chicken, and cheese with marinara in between every layer works well. cook until the bottom cheese melts, then flip and cook until the rest of the cheese melts.

unless you like burnt grilled cheese, then keep cooking.




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