derek & jade

yesterday, one of my best childhood friends got married. and on sunday, I had the opportunity to do a quick, impromptu bridal/wedding portrait session with him, his bride-to-be, and a giant chevy truck.
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snow day, take 2

so we’ve had another snow day here in south carolina (really an ice day).

that means I took the opportunity to cook and eat all day.

a few days ago, I discovered a buzzfeed list of grilled cheese sandwiches titled “31 Grilled Cheeses That are Better Than a Boyfriend”… of course I immediately shared it with my college roommate who also has a thing for cheese. we’re really just real life liz lemons when it comes to food…

then I read the list and found a glorious photo of a chicken parm grilled cheese.

why didn’t I think of this??

for those of you who don’t know, any form of chicken parm is the greatest thing you’ll ever eat. and this chicken parm variation was just begging to be made!

it did not disappoint. we made two rounds of this today… oops.

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snow day brunch

so today we had a snow day… but so far it’s been a snow day without the snow. but it also meant that my friend and I had the time to make a big breakfast around noon. which means we had brunch! and that is the best thing about today.

my friend made her mother’s famous crustless quiche. it is seriously the best egg pie ever made.

also, it’s foolproof. so give it try, I promise you won’t regret it!

crustless quiche

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today I finally let go of something I had been holding on to for way too long.

I was in the grocery store, looking for cheap mexican rice and not finding it, when a particular song came on. and I realized that I was being childish and that I missed my friend. it was time to let go.

I had felt like it was time to let go for a while, but I just couldn’t. a line was crossed in our friendship and the aftermath hurt. I also couldn’t forgive myself for my role in the matter.

but the reality is that you cannot cling to anger and hate for all the things you cannot control. it will break you.

and you cannot beat yourself up for making mistakes. you will never move forward if you are constantly berating yourself. no one, except God, is perfect.

you can, however, take responsibility for your actions, learn from your mistakes, and strive to not make those mistakes again.

with a heartfelt apology, I did that today.

and I’m excited to let the healing begin.


print by brittney borowski

nutella brownie cupcakes

I love chocolate. and I love nutella.

it’s just delicious.

so I decided to make a nutella brownie cupcake.

it took me two attempts to get these right. the first time, they were wayyyy too heavy. too much nutella and chocolate. just too much.

I have never ever said that in my life.

apparently, there’s a first time for everything.

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apology video.

I know. I’m a horrible blogger. I have been totally MIA the last few weeks.

for that, I am very sorry.

food [cupcakes!!!] posts are coming soon! promise.

so for now, please enjoy this wonderful tune by the great Allen Stone.

listen to it.

you’ll thank me.